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Exposure For Sports

Give sports fans what they want.

Exposure lets you effortlessly publish your team's visual stories with bold unique format that is perfect for fan development.

Used by world class teams
Exposure For Sports Exposure For Sports
"We spend countless hours producing meaningful visual stories for our fans, and Exposure has proven to be a perfect home to publish them. It’s the perfect platform to tell our story"
Eric rossitch
Eric Rossitch
Atlanta United
Exposure For Sports
Exposure For Sports
LAFC used Exposure to launch their new kit quickly and effectively to their fans.
Exposure For Sports

Brand with your team spirit

Upload your logo, brand your Exposure site with your team colors and apply our exclusive layout unique to For Sports.

Easily publish visual stories

Build and publish bold photo stories quickly and easily. Exposure does all the work. Embed content from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram right into your stories.

Important links front and center

Build your own menu of high-priority links that can be accessed anywhere on your Exposure site. No need to talk to a web developer or mess with HTML.

A mailing list built-in to reach your fan base

Grow your team’s audience with our built-in mailing list features. No set up necessary, it all just works.

Embed photo stories anywhere you need them.

Stories can be easily embedded anywhere that accepts HTML, and Exposure staff are always on hand to help with custom tweaks.

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Eric de
Eric DeSalvo Director of Digital & Social Media for UCF Knights
"Story consumption in the digital space is all about visuals, and Exposure has given us at UCF an avenue to share our highest quality images all while helping tell our story in an impactful way."
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